St. John Lutheran Church

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Instruction and General Information for the Beales Scholarship Fund†

We are pleased to find that you are applying for this scholarship.The Ralph and Pauline Beales Scholarship Fund was founded the 27th day of January, 2002 in memory of Ralph and Pauline Bealesí dedicated support to St Johnís Evangelical Lutheran Church and their love of children.The funds will assist students of St. Johnís Evangelical Lutheran Church with their Christian education cost.

The criteria for this scholarship are as follows:†

1.†††††Applicant must be an active member of St. Johnís Evangelical Luther Church.

2.††††††Submission of your transcripts from appropriates schools and/or a copy of your G.E.D.Evidence of satisfactory progress in your studies will be required.†

3.††††† Submission of two acceptable letters of recommendation (may not be from family members or other relatives).Teachers, principals, pastors, etc. are acceptable.†

4.†††††† Additional information may be requested and/or candidates may be called in for a personal interview.†

This scholarship amount is to be determined by the Ralph and Pauline Beales Scholarship fund Guidelines as long as the applicant maintains the requisite grade point average to remain in or attend the Christian school of his/her choice and they are a registered full-time student.†

Completed application and other required materials are due (sixty) 60 days preceding the applicantís next school session.